Friday, 4 March 2011


So I have had a little blogging break for a while as I have been so busy with others things which makes a nice change.
Plans are going well for the Great British Tea Break/party that I am organising.  I have received some lovely raffle prizes so far and am in the process of sending out invitations!
The house we are building is finally taking shape which is very exciting.  I have painted our bedroom the most gorgeous colour and have so many plans in my head about how I want it to look and feel.  It is going to be a real child free haven!

So with all this excitement going on you may be wondering why the title to my post?  Well yesterday we went up to Cardiff for Richards PET scan.  This is probably THE most important scan he has had so far, this one will tell us if the cancer has gone and if the chemo has worked.  Up until now I have been optimistic about his treatment and condition but the niggles and doubts are starting to creep in.
The waiting is the worst thing, the not knowing, the what if's.  He is putting a brave face on as always, never fails to make me laugh and smile every day and I hope that even through all my worries and fears I am doing the same for him!

So now we sit and wait....and wait..... if i was at all religious I guess I would pray but im not so for now I will throw myself into my running and my planning for my tea party.
Thanks for reading my dribble :0)

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  1. Fingers crossed for you all that the news is good. In the meantime good luck with the tea party and with your running. (I'm doing the Race for Life too.) Best wishes. xx