Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Busy times!

Feels like ages since I have updated my blog so I thought I would come and share with you what I have been up to!
Planning for the tea party is going well!  I have lots of prizes for the stalls and amazing prizes for the raffle.  I visited the hall last week and I am really looking forward to it now.  My main concern is getting people through the door.  I have put so much effort into this and I will be gutted if no one comes :o(

Richards intrathecal chemotherapy seems to be going well,  he has had minimal side effects from the 2nd dose, just a few headaches.  He is half way through now and the end of all this treatment is finally in sight.  His hair is starting to return (although a little more grey than it was before perhaps) and he is starting to look more like "my Rich".  I still wander what will happen when we finish going back and fore to the hospital.  It has been part of our lives for such a long time now that I will feel a kind of emptiness when its all gone!
We were interviewed by the local paper this week which will hopefully help to raise awareness about Lymphoma and get the message out there that you dont have to be old or smoke to get cancer. I really hope I managed to get across everything I wanted to.

I have also been busy blogging for a very exciting new website La Roche Uk It was a fantastic opportunity that I couldn't let pass me by.  I have written 2 posts so far and the number of readers is going through the roof!  Please feel free to follow me over there too!
I feel as though our cancer journey is coming to an end but my blogging one is just beginning.  Something good to come out of the bad perhaps?


  1. This is my first time stopping and already I find you absolutey inspiring. I look forward to following you on your blogging journey!

    I am stopping into welcome you to the A-Z Blogging Challenge! I'm a co-host! Should you need anything don't hesitate to ask! Feel free to stop in and say hello on my blog or follow us on twitter (I'm @jenunedited)!! Look forward to your posts through the month of April!

  2. Hello Ally,

    I just found you via the A-Z Blogging Challenge too. You've an inspiring and interesting blog.
    Hope the cancer journey is soon at an end; you'll have many more fun adventures to replace it.
    Look forward to reading your A-Z.