Friday, 11 March 2011

Inspirational women

I was reading this blog about inspirational woman this week and it made me think about the woman that inspire me.

I have thought long and hard about this and the problem is there are so many women out there at the moment that inspire me that it would be impossible to cover them all but I wanted to mention a few.

First of all is my good friend and fellow blogger Caroline
I met Caroline in uni while we were training to be teachers.  When we left college we kept in touch sporadically through facebook then one day I noticed she was pregnant.  I was thrilled to bits for her and we started chatting more often.  As a mum of 2 already I had plenty of advice to give plus I fell pregnant not long afterwards so we had a special journey to share.  Weeks turned into months and both our pregnancies were developing well and we were both busy making plans and preparing for our births.
Unknown to me, Caroline's world was about to turn upside down.  On the 21st June 2010, Anabelle Violet Morgan was born sleeping.
I was totally and utterly speechless and sat and cried for hours, how on earth was this fair?  How could it happen to such a lovely couple as Caroline and her husband Jon.  I didnt know what to do but felt I couldnt not do anything so i sat and wrote a long letter to her.
Caroline and Jon laid their daughter to rest in a beautiful coffin and gave her a send off fit for a princess.
Since that day Caroline has been a mummy to an angel, she has had good days and bad, and this has changed her forever but through it all she has been there for when i needed someone to talk to.  She has thrown herself into raising awareness of still birth and fundraising in Belles memory.  She is an incredibly strong and inspirational woman and I am sure there are happier times to come.

Next on my list is another blogger Laura
Laura has such amazing strength and determination and i feel truly humbled by her.  I met Laura a few years ago through an internet forum.  She belongs to my "Pink world", a very special site I help to run online for women who are taking the journey through motherhood.  Laura's journey has been a tough one so far.  She lost her beautiful mum to cancer yet she got through it with strength and courage.  She has also struggled to conceive which has brought her so much heart ache in the past year or so yet she always bounces back.  She is always happy for others when they conceive or give birth yet it must be so painful for her.
Laura will soon be at the top of the list for IVF.  She is beautiful inside and out and anyone with a soul as beautiful as hers will be a fantastic mummy.  I have every faith that this time next year we will be celebrating with her.

Another lady I want to mention is also from my "pink world"  I shall refer to her as "Happy".  Happy is most definitely one of the most beautiful women I have ever set eyes on!  She has a gorgeous baby boy which she went to hell and back to conceive.  He has brought so much love and joy into her world and she is a fantastic mummy to him.
Happy has had a really tough time in the last year yet she has remained focused enough to start up her own fantastic business which I know she will be very successful with.
She has also shown immense strength and determination to get what she wants out of life and her marriage when others would have given up.  I know she does not see herself as inspirational but to me she is!

Finally I want to give a shout out to a few others, Dinah and her beautiful twins, Fran, SC, Lisa, Zarrie and Carrie for getting rid of the worlds biggest twunts, happy times ahead for you ladies and also Helen and Charmaine who took and cancer and wooped its ass!!

Every woman on this planet is inspirational to someone and they all deserve to be celebrated.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking part.
    I know you are blessed to know Caroline. I only know her via her blog and think she is amazing. She is a really generous spirit and I wish her some really mega-happy times ahead.
    I recently reconnected with a schoolfriend after 30 years or so not being friends (no falling out, just drifted), and she has gone through IVF to get her 3 now teenagers so it can be done. Those of us who have babies easily are so blessed and need reminding of that sometimes.
    Don't you find most inspirational women don't see themselves as such? I think we all give ourselves way too hard a time all too often and if we are not doing it, the male species are!
    Thanks again - means the world to me that you took part