Monday, 10 January 2011

Twas the night before chemo....

I hate the night before chemo, I feel nervous, sick, scared, anxious and a million and one other negative things.  I worry about how he will react, how many times he will be sick, how long will it take for him to start feeling better.....thank goodness im not the one having the chemo otherwise id be a gibbering mess on the floor!

We are still waiting to hear from Cardiff about the lumbar puncture and spinal chemo and i am praying that they dont find any traces of it in his spinal fluid, i dont think we could take anymore bad news.

Baby Richie is 3 months old tomorrow, he was born a week before chemo started, those 3 months have passed in a blur and we will always see his birthday as milestone in more than one way.

Isnt it funny how during every xmas hols i always moan about him being off work, but now after being off work for over 3 months im dreading it!!  I have loved every second of him being at home with me its just a shame it was for horrible reasons!

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