Sunday, 2 January 2011


Do you believe in fate or is life just a bunch of coincidences? I have been thinking about this a lot today because there are so many things in my life that can be put down to fate that I wonder if it is possible? Let me explain...

Rich was born in Essex, me in Wales. By chance (fate?) his family had always holidayed in this area and decided to move here. Had that not happened then we would have never met.

The random email that was sent to everyone by his friend, had i not replied then we would never have started going out.

When discussing with family where Rich lived it transpired that my Grandad used to work on the same farm as a young man (before his parents owned it obviously) so i already have a family connection to this place.

After we had our second child I was keen to try again straight away, there was something telling me that we needed to try again quickly. The timing worked out as such that baby came a week before he started his treatment, perfect timing really (fate again?)

Rich got a small electric shock off one of the fences on the farm a few months before his shoulder started playing up, this was the only reason he went to the Dr because he thought he had damaged it from the shock, turned out not to be anything to do with the shock but a tumour growing out of his shoulder blade. Was it fate that he had this shock considering his job (electrician) and how careful he is usually around electricity?

Was it fate that meant our last child was a boy? The one thing that Rich really wanted and the one thing that was guaranteed to lift his spirits after diagnosis?

Who knows if these things were just pure chance or if there is a greater force at work? Im not a religious person so im not one for "God's will" or anything like that but it just seems to me that everything is happening for a reason.

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