Wednesday, 19 January 2011


That just about sums up how I felt this evening when I checked my sponsorship page
I cant believe the page has only been open since Monday and I am over 70% of the way to my first target.  It is just amazing how generous people are both with their money and encouragement.  It is really helping to spur me on and make me more determined to do this.  I really enjoy running and get frustrated because my legs seem to give up before the rest of me is ready to!
I am using the Iphone Couch to 5k app which i can thoroughly recommend to anyone who is wanting to get into running,  I have no running skills at all but this app has helped me to improve my fitness and running distance in a few short weeks. (No i dont work for Apple lol)
Rich is getting back to "normal" now after his last lot of chemo and has started back working at the house we are building.  The house is looking amazing!  Rich has done most of it by himself in his spare time which is why it has taken us almost 9 years so far, but when it is finished its going to be another huge milestone in this crazy journey they call life!!

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