Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I have really struggled to come up with a post beginning with E, have thought about the obvious, Easter, Everything, Eating (haha) but nothing really grabbed me until my friend Caz suggested Event!

I am taking part in 2 events this year.  One is a nationwide event and one is a local event that I am organising myself.

The first event takes part this Sunday (and is causing me much stress!!)  I am organising a tea party at a community hall in our local town to raise money for the Lymphoma Association.  This little known charity has been a huge support to us during Richards treatment and provide a free helpline, a chatroom, information on the different types of lymphoma and the treatments available and much much more.  I have made lots of friends through the site, some are battling lymphoma, some have won their battle and others have lost loved ones.   Each one has a story to tell and each one an inspiration in their own right.
Anyway the tea party is going to consist of lots of tea, cakes, stalls, balloons, face painter, raffle, cheerleaders and lots of fun, I just need to get people in the door, thats my biggest worry at the moment!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The second event is in June and that is Race for Life!  I have done RFL since it came to our town a few years ago, originally I ran for my grandad and my aunty Diane who both died of cancer, then every year there seemed to be more people to add to my backplate.  Each year it made me more and more sad that people were losing their lives but it also made me proud that I was running in their memory. This year for a change I am running in celebration rather than memory.  I am celebrating Richards life, celebrating the fact that cancer research has been able to help to develop treatments that actually work and that save peoples lives.  Thats a pretty amazing thing to be part of.   To date I have raised an amazing £1005.00 after starting with a target of £250.  We were also featured in the local newspaper this week.

 I will feel so proud running (stumbling) round the 5K, I will have a big smile on my face and be proud to be part of something amazing!!

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  1. Well done Ally...very proud of you :) mwah xx