Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Halfway through :D

Well thats number 3 treatment out of the way and Rich is now half way through the chemo. We are starting to see the "regulars" on the chemo day unit. Yesterday we got chatting to a couple in the bay next to us, she was in for tests in-between her chemo. She mentioned about her wig and I have to say how amazed I was that it was a wig! Wow things have certainly changed.
We saw the same couple again today and it was lovely to have a real life chat with people who "understand". Her treatment sounded very harsh and I felt quite sorry for her especially when she explained that they had planned to go to New Zealand to see their new grandaughter for xmas but were now unable to go.
This treatment had made him sick again, he seemed to get away with it last time. It really is horrible watching him go through all this, I wouldnt wish it on anyone. You feel so helpless and at a total loss as to what to do to make him better. I really cant wait for all this to be over and done with and we can go back to being a "normal" family.

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