Sunday, 7 November 2010

Happy Birthday Piggles!

Today was our middle child's birthday, she was 2. When Rich was first diagnosed I wasnt sure that he was going to be well enough to enjoy her birthday and that filled me with dread and sadness. Both our daughters are very big daddies girls and worship the ground he walks on. I have been really worried how treatment would impact on them but so far its been ok.

We call her Piggles as she was always a greedy baby and it kinda stuck! Her real name is Sofia (unless you ask her what her name is and she says "Fia") and she has a crazy personality. She is the kind of child who no matter how sad you are she will make you laugh till your tummy aches and always insists on asking for pudding after breakfast. I dont think she knew what to make of today, it was all a bit mental with pressies everywhere and of course cake :0) It was very hectic with lots of people and wrapping paper everywhere! I cant quite believe she is 2 already, only seems like yesterday that she made her very fast entry into this world (26 min labour!!)

Talking about children I have just realised that I have not introduced my other 2 anywhere. Jade, our eldest daughter, is 8 years old and lives for dancing. She is a very bright girl and does exceptionally well at school. Our youngest is rather special, he is called Richard after his daddy (family tradition) and was to be our last child and last chance of having a little boy. Rich has been desperate for a boy since I got pregnant with Jade so i kinda felt under pressure to deliver this time. At the 20 week scan I found out he was a boy. Rich was unable to attend due to work so i made the decision to keep it a secret from him. I felt kinda mean but also excited about seeing his reaction when he saw his boy being born and it did not disapoint. There were several times during the pregnancy that i came close to telling him, especially when he was diagnosed with Cancer but i kept my focus on that reaction and didnt mention a word.
I then started to panic that he would miss the birth and that really upset me. He was there for the birth of his 2 girls and to miss the birth of his son would have been devastating. I think the hospital and consultant sympathised with this secretly as the final diagnosis and treatment did not come until after the baby was born. This helped us both so much as it gave us a week of "normality" where i could concentrate solely on the baby while Rich could see to the girls, they loved it!!

Im still finding the hair loss hard and its not even happening to me! This morning his pillow was covered in hair even though he has shaved it down to a number one. I know i must be brave and strong for him because this is the worst possible thing he can be going through and the last thing he wants and needs is a quivering emotional wreck of a girlfriend so in real life i have my brave face while here I can be the real me!

Tomorrow we are back to hospital for more bloods and providing his white cells are back up then he can have round two of chemo on tuesday. Hopefully he will take it as well as he did last time. I do love him so very much!

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