Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Reality kicks in

Up until now Cancer has just been a word, not a nice word i grant you and not a word people like to say, they skirt around it asking about his "illness".
When you hear a diagnosis i dont think it really sinks in until you "see" it.
We got the diagnosis almost 6 weeks ago now and up until this week it was a word, a word that needed drugs. Now he has lost all his hair I can see that Cancer is here, and suddenly it all becomes a reality.
Our eldest daughter can now "see" that there is an actual illness and is not really comfortable with daddy's new hair (or rather lack of it) I guess when you are 8 it is your parents job to embarrass you but I think she feels unsure about it all. I remember my grandad having cancer when I was about the same age and not really "knowing" what it all meant so i guess i can see from her point of view.
The reality of the situation is harsh though. My man has Cancer, not just a word, a real life thing and it sucks big time!

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