Monday, 29 November 2010

16 years ago today...

I started going out with THE most amazing man!!
Purely by chance we met, perhaps it was fate? In our school we had an internal email system where you could send emails to friends and teachers. One morning I went to check my emails and there was a message from someone called Richard Ballard, never heard of him before, didnt know who he was or anything about him. I opened the email and it said I LOVE YOU! Wow i thought, thats very forward!! I then noticed that the email had been sent to everyone in the whole school, including the head master!
I replied and said "Why thank you very much but who are you?" It turns out that one of his friends had gone onto the computer when Rich wasnt looking and sent the email to everyone as a joke!
We started sending regular emails to each other but still had no clue who each other was.

One day i was sat in the study area on the computer when an email popped up in my inbox from Rich, i replied and noticed that the computer next to me beeped, I watched and the boy next to me was typing away and the next thing my email came and computer beeped. I replied asking if he had dark brown hair and a certain jacket and bag and he said yes so i said i was sat next to him. He promptly ran away!!!!

In the weeks to come we started chatting in real life and got to know each other better (I was actually going out with someone else at the time!!) Anyway I was so smitten by this gorgeous dark haired boy that i dumped my current boyfriend and on the 29th November 1994 I asked him out and he said yes!!

Rich was not by any means one of the "popular" crowd in school, infact he had never had a girlfriend before me and I remember being picked on by the horrid prissy popular girls for going out with him but I didnt care, I knew he was the one for me and thats all that mattered.

I didnt think that 16 years later we would have 3 beautiful children, be building our dream house and have been to hell and back several times just to get where we are today.

I cant begin to tell you how much I love him, there are no words that describe it. We have a unique bond that grows stronger every day.

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