Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Running and such like

So far the majority of my blog has focused on our "cancer" life but there are many other aspects that make up my life, its just unfortunate that at the moment my focus is the cancer.

So what makes me tick?  First and foremost i live for my children, they are my world.  I always wanted lots of children after growing up in a large family with 4 older brothers, the only floor in my plan is I hate being pregnant!  I suffer terribly from SPD which makes my pelvis unstable and during my last pregnancy it went out of place several times a week.  For this reason, and because of Richards chemo, we decided that Richie would be our last child. How long that decision will last is anyones guess, I am already really broody and so sad that my little man is now a big biffer baby, this was him just hours old...
And this is a recent one of him with his 2 big sisters

The last photo takes me to my second passion, photography!!  I have always loved taking photos and tried to take lots of different subjects.  Up until the xmas before last I just had a simple basic digital camera but that changed when Richards dad bought us a DSLR.  It was the most amazing xmas prezzie ever!!!  Luckily for me Rich has no interest in photography and cameras so I got the full benefit of the camera.
I am by no means an expert and I still have lots to learn, but here are a few of my fave shots

My latest passion is running, mainly spurred on by doing the Race For Life but also because its something I really enjoy and makes me feel fantastic afterwards!
I have always wanted to be a runner but sadly have never had the build or the determination to have a proper go at it.  This time its different, this time I have a good reason for my running and a sense of determination I have never had before.  I get a buzz from completing another step on the training programme I am using (An app for my Iphone called Couch25K)  I was a total couch potato at the start, with no level of fitness at all.  5 weeks in and I am able to do just over 4k with a mix of walking and running.
Today the intervals were 8 min run and 5 min walk.  I went into the gym in quite a negative frame of mind thinking that there was no way I could run for 8 mins, but i did twice!!!  My legs were burning and lungs close to bursting but I pushed myself cos lets face it, I will never get anywhere if i give up!
The next session is a 20 min run, something I have never achieved but this is going to change very very soon!


  1. Great Pics - keep Rich away from the camera!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Well done on the running. I have always wanted to run too but give up too easily as find it too hard - I am no natural runner - so admire you a lot for doing it.