Monday, 7 February 2011

Bloggers block?

As I lay snuggled up to Rich in bed last night I was thinking about what my next blog post should be about, I made a mental note about topics and what to say, then fell asleep all wrapped up nice and warm in his arms.
I woke this morning and sorted the children out then sat down to write but the words refused to come, even now as I type I have no idea where I am going with this post or what I want to say.  Delete has been my best friend today, I have typed, deleted, typed, deleted.  Each time I have read over what I have written and wondered why people actually read this stuff?

It was a radio show that got me thinking about my blog last night, I was in the shower and had the radio on Radio 1 Sunday Surgery listening to Aled Hayden Jones.  The topic last night was death and the people sharing their stories had connections with cancer.  It was heartbreaking to listen to but I couldn't tear myself away from it.  It occurred to me while listening to the show how little people really know and understand about cancer.  One of the questions from a listener was "Does everyone who gets cancer die?"  Well technically the answer is yes, they will all die, eventually, as will we all but cancer does not mean the end which is kinda what they were asking.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding cancer and its really frustrating.  You mention cancer to someone and they instantly think death or old person or smoking.  It is what we have been exposed to all our lives, the dangers of smoking, the dangers of this, the dangers of that but what did Richard do to get it?  Nothing!  He has never smoked, as long as I have known him he has been fit and healthy, not even a cold!
He didnt go out drinking every weekend, he ate his veg and fruit so what did he do wrong?

If I could only achieve one thing with this blog it would be for each and everyone of you reading this to understand that cancer can invade anyone no matter how old or young, healthy or unhealthy.  It does not mean the end of a life as we see it.  Our life has ended, our old life that is, now we have a new life, a different path to follow.  We are the same people but different.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts Ally. It does make me think and hopefully help me to understand. Thanks again for your blogs.