Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Its been a while!

Well its been a while since I have blogged so I thought I had better get everything down before I forget anything.

Rich has now finished his treatment for the time being and we have had scan dates through.  He has a CT scan on the 23rd and a PET scan on the 3rd March.  Hopefully they will show that the chemo has worked and the cancer has gone.

I am back training for Race for Life this week and its really going well.  I did a non stop run of 20 mins which is bloody amazing considering I couldn't do 1 min when i started!  I have been twice this week and I am feeling GREAT!

I have also decided to throw a "tea party" in aid of the Lymphoma Association on the 10th April.  I am so excited about this.  I have sat awake for hours at night planning and writing letters to people.  I really want to make this as big as possible to raise awareness for Lymphoma.  I have posters and invitations and so many people who want to help its just amazing.   I really hope I can pull this off!

I am feeling great at the moment, so focused and on top of things.  I am sure the happy pills are doing their job so lets hope they keep doing it!

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